Business Alliances

Unlike many consultancy companies, we do not try to persuade our clients to buy expensive third party solutions that are unnecessary or inappropriate for their business needs.

Where we do recommend using third parties, we work mainly with niche providers, often SMEs, whom we know offer a robust, cost effective solution or service and who are, wherever possible, technology and platform independent.

We are keen to work with businesses where we know that they can be relied upon to deliver high standards of service and quality at a fair and reasonable cost.

Our current business alliances include:

Coding International ltd logo


Coding International (CIL) specialises in all types of procurement coding and classification schemes including UNSPSC, CPV and ProClass. They manage two public sector procurement coding systems; ProClass for local government and NSV for the wider public sector. They also main a library of mappings for the main public sector coding systems which allows organisations to carry out cross referencing and like for like comparisons.

CIL has mapped the London boroughs' £9.3B third party procurement expenditure to ProClass since 2007. A total of 94% of London’s influenceable spend has been mapped to ProClass providing a good foundation for collaborative working. Prior to this an analysis of spend was impossible owing to the different expenditure headings used by each council. .Implementing ProClass has provided London local authorities with detailed spend analysis allowing them to collaborate and identify new savings opportunities across all London boroughs.

Terry Ashmore, Managing Director of CIL, has a wide knowledge of procurement in public and private organisations - "Accurate procurement coding is the key to expenditure analysis, which enables collaboration and reduced procurement spend. It is amazing that in the 21st century there are still many public bodies that have no knowledge of the basic information requirements of a procurement department - what is bought, how many, from whom and when!"

New Information Paradigms (NIP) logo


New Information Paradigms (NIP), founded in 1989, delivers web-based software solutions for professional teams. Our web-based solutions are focused on eliminating inefficiencies and supporting new ways of working and are currently focused in the Public and Pharmaceutical sectors, and also in the area of Relationship Development.

The issues facing the public sector essentially boil down to a need to do "More for Less", over a prolonged period of time. This requires complete (and focused) control over perspective over both existing and planned procurement / commissioning activity.

PL-cms, NIP's Life Cycle Management system, is about gaining control over, and generating strategic perspective into the complete lifespan of Procurement and Commissioning. It builds on NIP's Active Contract Register (ACR), a logical, practical and pragmatic starting point that captures and connects all relevant Contract Details and Documents, delivering control, access, visibility and security at different organisational levels (Directorate, Cost Centre, Business Unit etc.)

The ACR is also the basis of the Collaborative Contracts Register, on which we have worked with SPS and which is currently in use across all 33 London boroughs holding details of contracts worth over £26 billion.

Procurement initiatives often operate in a complex stakeholder landscape, with multiple interests and agendas, and people with very different perspectives and roles. Well planned and managed communication plays a key part in getting all these factors to gel, to achieve the outcomes you want and avoid the complications and conflict you don't want.

Rubus delivers value-creating corporate and project communication services that focus on people and excellence. We support high profile public sector procurement projects, working with supply chains and at times with complex structures and power bases across multi sector stakeholder groups. We work with you to develop powerful communication strategies and initiatives that fully engage your stakeholders and get the impact and outcomes you want. We facilitate productive consultations, develop workable communication plans and support clients to win industry recognition and awards.

As well as direct consultancy support, we equip key individuals in public sector organisations to get the best from their most valued procurement relationships. We coach and train them to become skillful, flexible communicators, problem solvers and negotiators, and to be a greater asset to their organsiations.



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