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Ken Cole has worked in senior positions in both the public and private sectors and was one of the founding Directors of SPS in 2001. He recently completed a three year secondment as Director of the London Centre of Excellence. Ken has thrilled many public and private audiences with his incisive analysis, robust delivery and his belief in 'telling it as it is'. His blog is a regular commentary of the improvement and efficiency agenda.

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SRD - A new dawn for the public sector?

Jul 26, 2011

Hot off the presses today two new and one re-published documents regarding SRD in the public sector. You can download them from the SPS website by clicking here.

I would expect some public sector organisations to adopt SRD with enthusiasm, especially as the tool is proven to succeed and the new documents provide a step by step guide to successful implementation. But will this be the general reaction? In terms of embedding SRD, we looked at what could impede its progress.

 Lawyers were seen as number one on the list – so the toolkit includes Counsel’s opinion to block this avenue of objection. And yes, it is legal, providing you put a few sensible safeguards in place. A small number of suppliers will also object, some because they have misunderstood how it works and some because they have been doing nicely out of fragmenting the public sector customer base.

My feeling is that some of the biggest problems will come from within public bodies themselves – namely the fear of losing control syndrome. In local government, where SRD was successfully piloted, it is going to require decisive action from chief officers and elected Members to ensure the benefits are realised. SRD presents them with a major opportunity to drive out unnecessary costs on a large scale. Are they up for the challenge or will all this work follow the path of so much else – into the pit of inertia?


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