Delivering for London - Modernising Local Authority Procurement

Jul 05, 2011

The Capital Ambition Programme Board (CAPB) asked for a report to be prepared which in broad terms was to:

¨ Look at the current organisation of the London authorities’ procurement teams responsible for acquiring, managing and controllingLondon’s £8.9B third party influenceable expenditure

¨ Ascertain the opportunities for additional cashable savings / efficiency gains that could be derived from more collaborative working, shared contracting and the use of shared resources

¨ Set out the categories for extended collaboration based on detailed analysis of the expenditure profiles and supply bases of the 33 London local authorities

¨ Make suitable recommendations for the way forward, and what Capital Ambition could do during the remainder of this financial year to extend collaboration.

The overall goal was to ascertain how Capital Ambition could improve or enhance the current procurement and commissioning structures across London to deliver challenging and sustainable levels of cashable savings of at least 15% cumulative over the next three financial years..

The full report can be read here