EU Directives and the Selling Process - New Company Training

May 15, 2003

The EU Public Procurement Directives have always had a bad press from both sides of the buyer/seller relationship. For many suppliers they create too much paperwork and impede the relationship and for many buyers in the public sector they create delay, delivering little additional value in the drive for best value for money.

SPS has experience on both the buy and supply side and has developed an in-house training programme for sales and marketing teams in those companies selling into the public sector. The half-day programme is divided into two parts. The first part covers the basic provisions of the main Directives so that the sales teams understand the main 'dos and donts'. The second part looks at the specific products and services that the commissioning company provides and gives them tips on how to legally build the relationship, derive intelligence, qualify the opportunity and get ahead of the competition.

The programme is fully referenceable with a list price for the half-day programme of £1,500 for up to 15 delegates.

All information is treated in strictest confidence and SPS does not run the programme for the competitors of our commissioning clients. If you haven�t booked your programme yet, do so before the competition gets there first.

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