Implementing McClelland - An Innovative Approach to Delivering Efficiency Through Collaboration

Jan 15, 2008
Jan 2008

The Scottish Public Sector is facing the toughest financial climate for many years and local authorities will need to find new approaches to delivering greater efficiency. Relying on the tried and tested will no longer be an option for many, but where should local authorities go to get the right knowledge to help them prepare for this step change?

An essential starting place is the free, half-day seminar New Approaches to Efficiency and Collaborative Working - Beyond the McClelland Report (PDF 1.5mb) which brings together some of the leading thinkers, analysts and practitioners on public sector efficiency.

The event will also feature the launch of the white paper, Implementing McClelland - Learning from the Byatt Experience (PDF 1mb), by Ken Cole who is just finishing a three year secondment from SPS as Director of the London Regional Centre of Excellence. Ken is an acknowledged expert in driving forward collaborative working and managing efficiency projects. He is currently working with chief officers at Stirling Council on delivering efficiency gains and has also developed the business case for establishing a procurement function at Clackmannanshire Council.

The event promises to be a packed, fast moving session which will give local authorities practical, relevant insights into how they can successfully tackle the challenges ahead.