Making Sustainable Sourcing a Reality

Oct 15, 2003

Sustainable sourcing now features high on the Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. However, for many organisations already struggling to make their IT systems support the demands of the modern procurement office, it remains an aspiration supported mainly by paper based systems.

SPS is pleased to turn the spotlight onto New Information Paradigms Ltd (NIP), a Crowthorne-based technology provider with over fifteen years' experience of delivering procurement related solutions within various industries including pharmaceutical, financial and retail food. As with all SMEs, NIP succeeds in delivering systems at an affordable cost, balancing flexibility with the rigour demanded by regulations and specific processes.

NIP recognises the value of quality suppliers and the relevance of up-to-date supplier intelligence to an organisation in sustaining brand and operational excellence. More recently, NIP has been working with Waitrose to develop an online sustainability solution that enables buyers to monitor supplier's sustainability policies and other key performance indicators using web-based technology.

NIP is looking to extend its success in the area of online sourcing management to encompass other supermarkets and organisations interested in sustainability issues.

The NIP approach is recommended to any reader where sustainability is a key procurement factor and currently proving a resource intensive exercise. Please call Chris Valle on 01344 753712, or email him at