New Service Package - Targeted Savings and Benefits Realisation

Oct 15, 2003
Oct 2003

Following from the highly successful deployment of our fixed price volume/value analysis service package, SPS is pleased to announce the recent and successful launch of a follow on Targeted Savings and Benefits Realisation programme.

SPS discusses the findings from an analysis of spend for a financial year with key, departmental stakeholders debating where benefits and savings can be delivered based on corporate objectives, market conditions and current contractual arrangements.

No more crude across the board savings and unrealistic targets based on the experiences of huge US manufacturing organisations. Instead, a targeted approach to savings and benefits based on the use of over 32 measures related to real data, real suppliers and an unparalleled understanding of markets and trends.

The main objectives of this service package are to:
  • Provide organisations with a full picture of how benefits and quick wins can be realised from their current Procurement arrangements
  • Support the deployment of modern techniques, measurable / realisable targets and standard definitions in the Procurement benefits realisation process
  • Suggest prioritisation and timescales which are both fully understood and acceptable to service departments
  • Provide the basis for business case preparation to support the re-implementation of financial, procurement and e-Procurement systems
  • Allow organisations to make informed choices on the best use of scarce resources and technology solutions to support savings and benefits realisation.

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