The Catalyst - Spring 2018

May 02, 2018

“Putting all the commentary and axe grinding to one side, what are the lessons that we should be learning from yet another spectacular failure?” Read Ken’s views on how to be better prepared for the next Carillion-like contract failure.

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- Listening, acting and making ourselves easier to do business with.  An interview with Niall Quinn, Procurement Director - Technology at Crown Commercial Services (CCS).

- Time for CIPS to inject common sense into the Brexit process.  There are extremes on both sides that are detracting from the real issues to hand. CIPS is ideally placed to provide such leadership and inject that common sense into the Brexit process. Will it rise to the challenge?

- Empowering Local Government to counter fraud and to improve data quality.  A case study and overview of Vigilant Applications, provider of user behaviour management solutions.