The Pan London Contracts Register Service (CRS)

Feb 15, 2007
Feb 2007

The CRS (developed by NIP Ltd.) has now been successfully adopted across the London Boroughs following an earlier implementation by the Procurement Agency for Essex (PAE). All boroughs have registered users on the system allowing them read and search access to not only their own contracts but also to those of other LCE authorities. To date over 3,200 contracts have been loaded by the London Boroughs as well as over 370 by the OGC Buying Solutions (these OGCBS contracts are available for everyone to view at

The Service has been significantly enhanced over the last 12 months with a new user friendly look and feel as well as many other enhancements including the activation of the contracts alert feature which sends the contract manager and the associated department an email reminder 6 months before the contract is due to end. The email also contains dynamic links to other authorities' contracts which are in the same category and due to expire 6 months either side of your contract. This highlights the potential opportunities for contract alignment and delivery of Shared Services. This solution is ideal for any groups of public or private sector bodies that wish to enter into collaborative working arrangements and ensure that contract information can be shared for reasons of alignment, shared usage, negotiation and the development of supplier relationship management strategies.

"We are pleased to find that Kingston can join this initiative with minimal extra work as we already maintain a publicly viewable contract register. The LCE register will allow significant additional benefits for the Council in providing valuable search, report and download functionality. It will also facilitate forward planning and collaborative working and the associated efficiencies through access to harmonised, comparative information across London." 

Justine Bringans, Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames
In London, those authorities who have taken part in the LCE's Expenditure Analysis exercise will also be able to view their top 50 suppliers by spend.

The CRS is developed and hosted by New Information Paradigms. For further information please contact, 01344 753711.