The Procurement Agency for Essex's Selling To Guide

Oct 15, 2004
Oct 2004

The ODPM IEG (Implementing e-Government) 2005 statement requires that each local authority in England produce an on-line 'selling to the public sector guide' by the end of the year.

Rather than duplicating effort, the Procurement Agency for Essex (PAE), with SPS's support, worked with each of its 15 member organisations to share the work and ensure that scarce resources were not duplicated. It also provided the opportunity for members to start the process of standardising their approach to procurement. This is one of the first capacity building projects for the PAE and has resulted in the production of a common website which will link to a summary procurement page on each member organisation's website. A hard copy version has also been produced for any potential suppliers that are not e-enabled. A PDF copy of this can be obtained from the PAE.