Unlocking Real Cash Savings

Oct 15, 2005

As little as 20 suppliers can account for over 80% of an organisation's influenceable external expenditure. So the capability to strike good deals and improve existing contracts by negotiating from a position of strength is critical. Introducing 'e' technologies and undertaking process re-engineering delivers only a small fraction of the savings and service improvements that can come from real strategic supplier engagement. A few global organisations understand this proposition, but for most in the UK it is either perceived as too complex or simply not recognised at all.

SPS is creating a new service line to help both private and public organisations to develop these capabilities. Using highly focused supplier and market intelligence and contract audit tools, we are testing ideas that can unlock new cash savings and service delivery improvements. Please e-mail Ken Cole at info@sps-consultancy.co.uk if you wish to find out more about this work and discuss how it could benefit your organisation.