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Accounts Fallacy Exposed Yet Again!
Over the years, I have often been staggered by quite incredible things done in the name of good procurement -like trying to get small service companies to take out performance bonds.
Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced) issue their latest white paper and a webinar on best practice procurement
New white paper on Best Practice Procurement released by Advanced Business Solutions and also a free webinar on the topic.
Aster Group Case Study
Find out more about how we helped Aster look differently at procurement and commssioning in our latest case study.
Avoiding another Southern Cross Debacle
The Public Accounts Committee recently alerted Minister the the fact that local authorities could be in danger of facing another Southern Cross debacle and having to implement last minute contingency plans.
Away from the P45 Solution
Many public sector bodies have worked out how they can overcome their 2011/12 budget deficit. After that some are looking for a combination of good luck
Beware the Global Purchasing Crunch
Not another media inspired crunch in the making I hear you say. No, this is about one of the many chunks of fall out that is likely to accompany the crunch that has covered every newspaper and TV report in recent weeks.
Blogging and Tweeting - what next?
Things are moving very rapidly in the world of public sector procurement. There is now urgency in many places to make things happen quickly and for procurement teams to look at producing double digit cashable savings rather than the silly 2% and 3% requested of them in recent years.
Building your own cost increases
In the public sector the search for cash savings and other efficiency gains marches relentlessly on.
Clackmannanshire Council's Procurement Guide
We are pleased to draw readers' attention to the excellent procurement guide produced by Clackmannanshire Council in conjunction with consultancy company TQMI
Closing the National School of Government
As many readers will know the National School of Government - the former Civil Service College, closes in March next year.
Collaboration at its best
The London ICT e-Auction team continues to make impressive savings with 47 participating authorities.