Procurement Transformation Services

Organisations in all sectors are now realising that transforming their procurement and commissioning activity can deliver immense value to their financial performance and the quality of outcomes achieved. Third party expenditure with contractors is most often the second largest outgoing after staff costs. Making this transformation is not about increasing head count or employing consultants, but making the most of existing people and systems and putting in the right structures.

A commissioning and procurement transformation project has three phases:

Making the case for change
Our procurement review package is workshop based.  It is tried and tested and is designed to identify areas for improvement and start the process of engaging stakeholders (internal and external).  The cost can be as little as £6,000 and is always fixed price.  Read how we did this for the Essex Fire and Rescue Service.

Delivering procurement and commissioning transformation
Procurement transformation is “A project that fundamentally alters the capability of an organisation to improve the use of its third party expenditure as measured by the quality of the outcomes it achieves and the total cost it incurs to achieve those outcomes”.  Read how we worked with Thurrock Council to deliver transformation within a year for a budget of £120k.  Our proven methodology is outcome based and is underpinned by strong marketing and communications and a skills and knowledge transfer programme.  Read more here.

Achieving the Return on Investment
Getting the pay back (ROI) on the resource investment is essential. The transformation programme will put in place the necessary systems, processes and people to ensure a swift payback on time and money invested, whether through cost savings or improved outcomes. This can be achieved in many ways and we have worked with clients on projects such as:

  • Contract audits / relationship management
  • Procurement planning
  • Renegotiation of contracts
  • Category plans
  • Demand management and collaborative working programmes including SRD
  • Commercial skills and knowledge transfer programmes for all stakeholders

All our services are outcome based, with agreed deliverables, timescales and responsibilities.  We deliver value for money by undertaking short, easily defined activities leading to a clear goal.  We believe organisations should use specialist consultants to share knowledge and experience with the objective of up-skilling employees, maximising the use of internal resources and establishing internal ownership at all levels.  All our work is underpinned by our ethical charter and our quality management framework.