Specialising in effective commercial contracting including commissioning, procurement, contract & relationship management and cultural change.

What We Do

Our commercial transformation services enable our clients to:

  • Better deliver outcomes for less money from all their third party contracts
  • Identify and make the necessary changes to ensure successful cultural change
  • Achieve the right outcomes through access to both advisory and managed service options

We are :

  • Committed to improving public sector commissioning and contract management
  • Proven, highly experienced with an exemplory track record
  • Focused, delivering outcomes not just reports
  • Governed by an ethical consultancy charter ensuring we always provide exceptional value
  • Able to give you access to other transformational experts
  • All for a fixed price with no hidden costs

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The EU Public Procurement Directives - what does the future hold?

Instigating change and improvement will take time, but we must recognise that we all have an important role in this process. It is essential that we ensure that the government negotiators leading our EU exit negotiations understand not just the issues as they are today, but the vast opportunities that undoubtedly lie ahead by reshaping the rules to empower us rather than constrain us.

Read the SPS whitepaper tracing the history of the Directives and outlining the results of a survey into what you think should happen. 

Download a copy here.

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